DIY Infusion Kits

Craft your own infused alcohols at home

Transform your ordinary spirits into something extraordinary. These DIY alcohol infusion kits can turn your favorite neutral grain spirit into a delicious batch of compound Gin or infuse your choice of Bourbon, Rye or Whiskey into your very own ready-to-drink Old Fashioned Cocktail or Cinnamon Whiskey in a matter of hours.
Each kit comes complete with the organic ingredients to infuse one 500 ML batch of your favorite spirit, a 500 ML prohibition inspired labeled glass flask bottle, one 4” stainless steel funnel and one natural coffee filter to strain and polish your infusion once it is to your liking. Now you can really party like it’s 1929!

Ryan and Melanie created the idea for Bootleg Botanicals following Ryan’s quest to make his own Absinthe legally at home. Discovering that home distilling is illegal in most states and can be very dangerous, the duo decided to give the infusion method a try. After many months of experimenting they came up with just the right blend. Their Absinthe infusion turned out so well other flavor trials ensued. The infusion process was so much fun, that the Belshee’s thought others might enjoy it too. The rest is history!

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