Synesthesia Tarot Card Deck

A modern tarot deck

Synesthesia Tarot Card Deck Image 1

This Tarot card deck is a modern and unique deck that anyone can connect to. Born out of the creator’s love for both tarot and design, these gorgeous cards retain the meaning of traditional tarot cards, while striping down the original images to clean and simple line drawings.

Jana Walker, the creator of Syntheshia Tarot is a graphic designer that is from Denver and now lives in Los Angles. Syntheshia Tarot was born as a senior design project in school but has grown to be something much bigger. Jana used this deck as a chance to fuse both her love for design and tarot. She believes it can serve as a companion deck for avid users, an introductory deck for a brand new user, or as a statement piece in someone's home.

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