Multi purpose collapsible bag for your bike or back

12" x 8" x 15" 3.0 lbs

This unique multi-purpose bag can be used as a regular two handed grocery tote or as a backpack. Its unique design allows it to stand upright with an integrated frame but it also collapsible for easy storage. Made of 400 D Ripstop Nylon and is easily removable for cleaning. It also includes a matching lid to prevent anything from falling out. Includes one bag and attachment or cooler liner

The inventors behind this ADK packbasket set out to reinvent the 150 year old pack called the Packbasket. They kept the rigid structure so that it would stand up (unlike soft sided packs), but reinvented this iconic product for modern day use. The versatility of the design whether grocery shopping, going to the beach, riding on your bike, or using in your car, people continue to find new uses for these bags.

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