Pizza Stone

Works with handmade or frozen pizza

Pizza Stone Image 1

Crispiz is the only pizza stone made in a refractory material with holes. The best pizzas are made on pizza stones or baking sheets with holes that allow the crust to crisp evenly with aeration. Cookout has combined the best of both to create a fast, crispy crust like no other. The refractory stone stores heat and the holes let the hot air cook directly the pizza dough from underneath. You won’t have this unpleasant taste of “wet pastry not cooked enough” in the pizza center!

Cookut’s creed is simple: making homemade food is good for you, good for your community, and also good for the planet.That’s why Cookut’s mission is to inspire as many people as possible to rediscover the pleasure of cooking at home by creating efficient, fun, and environmentally-friendly utensils.

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