Concrete Stacking Cellars

Bring distinction to your table with this concrete stacking set

Concrete Stacking Cellars Image 1
4" x 4"

This is not composed of typical concrete, it's incredibly strong, smooth, and tactile surface that is more similar in physical characteristics to ceramic or aluminum. At home on your countertop or as elegant table service, this stacking set will only become more beautiful with time as it develops a warm and organic patina. Includes two stacking vessels, each with a 6 fl oz capacity. Integrated cork gaskets seal both containers while providing a non-scratch surface for your tabletop.

Port Living Company produces thoughtfully designed concrete housewares. Craftsman Jordan Castro is a former construction project manager who specialized in concrete and helped created a proprietary process utilizing recycled marble and granite dust left over from the local production of countertops. Products are all carefully burnished by hand.

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