Turmeric Cleansing Duo

Golden Froth Cleanser & Illuminating Turmeric Polish

Turmeric Cleansing Duo Image 1
4" x 2" x 6" 13 oz

Golden Froth™ is a turmeric foam that gently cleanses the face and helps revive the skin bringing out a natural glow. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties leaves the skin soft and smooth. 150ml
Illuminating Turmeric Polish™ is a deep cleansing scrub with the help of turmeric targets the pores and soothes the skin. The Anti-oxidising nature of turmeric helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, whiles the healing properties aids in acne treatment. The Walnut and oat granules exfoliate dead skin cells and excessive oil, gentle enough for daily use. 100ml

Law Student turned entrepreneur, Rekha Panda is the creator of RAEKA Beauty, a New Generation Ayurveda brand. Ayurveda means ALL plant-based ingredients that provide nutrients your body can naturally identify to feed, nourish, and repair your skin!

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