Alfa Keychain

Made from beautiful vegetable tanned leather and features solid brass

Alfa Keychain Image 1
5" x 1" 6 oz

The Alfa Clip Fob is a hefty keychain, with an extra large brass swivel clip for a more substantial presence. Made from beautiful vegetable tanned leather and features a large solid brass split ring and a large solid brass swivel that clips perfectly to a belt loop, all secured with a Chicago screw. Total length: 5-1/4 in.

William Knopp and Jessica Tata are the husband and wife team behind Son of a Sailor. Their inspiration comes from the application of color, pattern, and geometry to materials with a rich history and story. They embrace the convergence of innovation, functionality, storytelling, and bright, bold geometry in all of their designs. The Son of a Sailor line is handmade in their Austin, Texas studio.

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