A Prairie State of Mind

Larry Kanfer photographs' capture things we all deepy feel but find hard to describe

A Prairie State of Mind Image 1
12" x 10"

"A Prairie State of Mind" signed book by Photographic Artist, Larry Kanfer. A bold photographic study of the heartland's landscape, and our place in it's great vastness. Each image, on it's own is breathtaking, and as a collection, it takes you through seasons and moods of our Prairiescape. 126 pages; Hard copy. Comes complete with a set of 8 note cards featuring classic Larry Kanfer Prairiescapes photographs, 4"x6", envelopes included.

Midwest-based photographic artist Larry Kanfer challenges himself to find the subtle beauty in the everyday. After receiving his degree in architecture from the University of Illinois in 1979, he opened his first photography gallery and studio in Champaign, Ill.

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