Large Canvas Tote

Fashionable carryall tote

34" x 1" x 22" 8 oz

You can use this stylish bag for the beach, yoga, the gym, for your laptop, great for travel and for carrying anything you need for your entire day! Made from a durable canvas construction with an inside pocket to stash cell phone, keys, wallet etc. Can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody messenger style. Folds up into it's own pocket for easy stashing. Holds up to 60lbs or 3 bags of groceries. This bag fits your fashionably eco lifestyle. You'll take it with you everywhere because you love it, not because you are driven by eco-guilt.

Vine Street Market, USA is an eco-friendly and fashionable bag line based in Los Angeles. They use re-purposed fabrics, organic materials and environmentally conscious methods to construct their one of a kind accessories.

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