New Look, Same Mission, Increased Impact
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New Look, Same Mission, Increased Impact

Loop and Tie introduces a new tiered, subscription-based and doubles down on commitment to being the first and only carbon regenerative gifting platform.
Sara Rodell

Sara Rodell,

If you’ve visited us recently, you may have noticed that Loop & Tie has a new look. We’re even talking about ourselves a bit differently. We’ve added some enhanced features and launched gifting suites focused on style, scale and social impact. But that’s not all. 

When we started Loop & Tie eight years ago, rarely were companies talking about sustainability and social impact. Nowadays, brands are more aware than ever because customers care about the environmental and social impact of consumerism. 

In addition to our new tiered, subscription-based model that offers tools to help companies at any size send the gift of choice, today, I’m most excited to share that Loop & Tie has doubled down on its commitment to social impact, being the first and only carbon regenerative gifting platform. 

For every gift shipped, our customers make a net positive carbon impact through our land restoration and regenerative agriculture initiatives. Loop & Tie’s regenerative practices and new Gifting Suites let our customers personalize and drive sustainability at scale through their gifting experiences, resulting not only in stronger relationships but thriving ecosystems.

At Loop & Tie, we’ve learned that getting the engagement results you want doesn't come from sending uninvited swag. Customers value personalization and choice, and learn that you're a values-based company by receiving a choice to receive gifts they personally select. And because we enable the option to let recipients choose if they’d like to donate the cost of their gift to a charity, our customers have donated nearly $1 million to more than 200 organizations and nonprofits over the last eight years.

Introducing Loop & Tie’s New Gifting Suites

Our core offering, unique to the market of gifting-as-a-service, is our Free Gifting Suite, which continues to provide free-access to meticulously sourced and skillfully curated gift collections conveniently organized by price point or concept. As always, we remain dedicated to supporting small, diverse local makers, partnering only with quality in mind.

For small-to-medium sized businesses, our Professional Suite includes access to the entirety of Loop & Tie’s turnkey gift collections or the ability to create a unique collection with your own products. Offering greater customization, the Professional Suite lets companies create a branded redemption experience, international shipping and custom gift kits.

For large businesses, we have the Enterprise Suite, delivering all the features of Free & Professional Suite, and new features such native salesforce integration, campaign management and response incentives. Building on our already native Salesforce integration, we now offer automated gifting based on preset actions, letting users further develop their sales funnel by gifting in the tool. Schedule and send gifts, establish permissions, track engagement rates, report ROI and more directly from Salesforce to witness gifting’s impact on conversation rates at any stage of the sales lifecycle. 

New features to your tool!

Our new Campaign Management software provides granular data on the impact of your gifting efforts. Track the impact of gifting efforts by establishing goal-based gifting occasions and analyzing collection popularity, engagement response rates, click-through stats and more. Compare subject lines, recipient company and gift selections to optimize your communication strategy. 

Finally, our Survey and Scheduling Response Incentives help strengthen response rates to marketing surveys, meeting requests, employee satisfaction checks and more by rewarding replies with a gift or opportunity to donate to a worthy cause. The custom technology allows survey tools to integrate with Loop & Tie's gifting platform to improve data.

Gifting that makes a difference

We’re excited for this new chapter! Not only are we arming you with a powerful platform designed to fit your business gifting needs, but we’re giving you an opportunity to stand out and make a difference doing it. Join us in standing for greater social impact in every step you take -- the world needs it.

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