Business News Daily features corporate gifting solutions
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Business News Daily features corporate gifting solutions

Learn more about Loop & Tie, a solution recently featured in a Business News Daily article about companies that make corporate gift-giving easier.
Erin Fry

Erin Fry,

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to figure out who you’ll partner with to deliver great gifts to your employees and customers. To help, Business News Daily recently published 22 Businesses That Make Gift-Giving Easier which features Loop & Tie. As you’re evaluating your options, know that we offer:

  • A gifting solution that gives back – whether sending gifts from our marketplace that support minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses, connecting charitable donation options with your recipients, or our carbon regenerative practices for anything shipped through us, we’re doing what we can to make a positive impact in this world.
  • Different subscription options from Free to Enterprise, ensuring you have the features you need to manage your gifting program.
  • Standard and customizable national and international collections, at different price points so there’s an option for everyone regardless of budget.
  • A native Salesforce app to bring your gifting program into your team’s existing workflows.
  • A customizable, curated gift experience so your recipients can select a gift that’s as meaningful to them as they are to you.
  • The ability to manage and track your gift sends by team and campaign. 
  • An opportunity for branded packaging and inserts so you can deliver a final branded moment while the gift is being opened.
  • Bring your own swag and custom kitting options.
  • A team that is here to help answer your questions and make sure your experience as a gift giver is good.

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